Jocelyn McNeil

The unfortunate Mock Turtle, Jocelyn is a young girl that has quickly fallen prey to Wonderland's perils.


This information is unknown as of yet.


Your name is Jocelyn McNeil. You’re sixteen years old. You have a rock band that plays downtown, where you lie about your age, like, all the time. You live in Juneau, Alaska; the most boring place on Earth. And you are very cold right now.

You aren’t supposed to be here, out in the woods. Not at all. You’re supposed to be home, sleeping or studying. Or at Mark’s house, practicing your vocals in his garage. Where he’s telling you that your band will make it big, and you just have to stop worrying so much.

That’s what you do, though. You worry. You worried when your grades started slipping, but you didn’t tell anyone. You worried about the beer you drank at the club where your band played – but no one found out, and it was only once. You worried that the whole band thing was a stupid waste of time. You worried that your life wasn’t going anywhere. And now you’re worried that you may have made the biggest mistake of your life.

You got upset- you can’t even remember why. Sometimes that happens, though- you get so worried and worked up about the band, about your grades, about your love life, that you just get so sad and heavy. So sad you just want to die, and nothing else matters. And this time, you ran away. Ran off into the woods to think and wait it out. You always planned on coming back.

Except now you don’t know the way back home.

And the sun just set.

It’s very, very cold.

Jocelyn McNeil

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